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Carbon Claw Recon Sparring Gloves

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The Recon MX-7 Series range has been designed for performance and durability.

Having a performance glove with a tailored fit and secure wrist fixing ensures the confidence to work-out on the heavy bag or pads as well as to spar with your opponent with great confidence.

Colour co-ordinated to match our Military Forces the materials used and the finishing of the product is second to none and is designed for heavy combat training.

Made from soft quality leather to ensure flexibility with durability the new Recon MX-7 Sparring Glove has a new template fit that supports and cushions the fist effectively.

The various internal cushioned foam layers are padded for balance around the hit area for maximum shock absorption.

The wrist wraparound strap closure uses a heavy use hook and loop Velcro fitting that supports effectively.

Having a thumb attached to the main body of the glove avoids the thumb independently bending backwards if an incorrect punch is performed

The inner fabric lining allows for a very comfortable fit and a built in grip bar adds additional support.

Holes positioned on the inner palm ensures the hand is ventilated for a constant air flow.