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Carbon Claw Recoil Hook and Jab Pads Gel

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Hook and Jab Pads are a crucial coaching aid to teach skills such as Balance, speed, movement, distance and punching combinations whilst static or when attempting to simulate an opponent’s movement around the ring in a more realistic competitive environment.

An effective set of pads should be lightweight and shock absorbent, they should protect the user’s hands and fingers whilst being hit but also padded to simulate a return strike.

The Recoil RX 7 Series coaching pads offer a combination of flexible lightweight leather and gel padding materials allowing them to flex naturally when the inner foams are being compressed.
Manufactured from genuine cow hide leather these quality pads will be the envy of friends and colleagues as all aspects of coach training have been considered in the advanced construction and ergonomic design to ensure they protect both the opponent and the user.

To allow the trainer to grip the pads effectively there is a palm domed area allowing for a more natural grip reducing undue stress and tension on the inner forearm muscles. Incorporated around the dome is an anti-slip material that allows additional grip to the fingers reducing further movement of the pad when being hit.
The outer finger area is perforated for ventilation allowing the internal anti-microbial moisture wicking material to aid cooling and hygiene.

There is a generous layer of raised padding under the wrist to aid in the support of wrist flexion for when those hitting sessions get heavy.
A good trainee pad for personal trainers and coaches alike as these lightweight pads will offer confidence and comfort to any class session.