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Carbon Claw Pro Fight Sondaica Boxing Gloves

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The Tigris Sondaica Fight Glove (Latin for Javan Tiger) carries the whole ethos of what Carbon Claw is about when offering a product that combines quality and performance.
Manufactured from choice leathers this glove is hand crafted and hand stitched for added strength.
The PFG BX-7 Series Pro Fight Glove is padded with an Injection Moulded Foam (IMF) of medium to firm consistency that contributes to a well-balanced glove.
Shaped in a natural curve to simulate a fist position with a built in padded finger grip bar the shaped foam construction helps reduce undue tension on the forearm muscles ensuring a relaxed but reactive feel.
The thumb tip is attached safely to the main body of the glove to avoid the thumb acting independently and bending backwards if an incorrect punch is thrown or deflected badly.
To allow the hands to breathe the palm has perforations in the material allowing continual air flow to the skin and with the moisture wicking anti-microbial lining helps to reduce heat build- up.
The long easy draw laces ensure there is plenty to wrap around the wrist for secure tying.