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Carbon Claw Laser Club Pro Speedball Frame Height Adjustable

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The Carbon Claw Pro Speedball Frame with Height Adjustment has been designed and manufactured here in the UK. The manufacturing brief was to achieve performance, durability and a high standard of finish which differentiates it from other models avaialble.

This heavy duty commercial product at 27kgs packs a punch with a 40mm wooden board fixed securely to a heavy wide guage steel frame and will be a valued addition to any Club/Studio Environment.

The height adjustment system is set vertically at 5cm increments with a total adjustment range of 60cms in height and a quick release and lock system for setting the different height levels, ideal when used in a Club Studio or Multi User Environment.

Included is a chrome plated multi-bearing Speedball swivel for reduced friction allowing for a smooth rhythm to the ball movement. A quick release pin allows the user to change the Speedball with ease.

Delivery -14 Days.

Weight 27kgs (Speedball & Wall Fixings not included).