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Carbon Claw Aero Target Wall Pad

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The Aero Target Wall Pad is a great substitute for a punchbag when working in a more confined area.
Adding a number sequence of targets to the pad allows the trainer and boxer to engage in very specific movement and strike combinations when instructed.
A great way to improve your boxing technique, power and endurance whether in conjunction with a fitness training programme, an introduction to boxing itself and the self- preparation for those first steps into the ring, or for the established boxer an important tool to the longevity of their workouts.

Learning to throw punches correctly against a weighted force will help to minimise risk and injury.
Adding a combined balance of movement and correct footwork within a 180 degree radius ensures that the punches flow more easily thus gaining additional power and momentum.

The Aero AX-5 Series Target Wall Pad is manufactured from a very strong SV1 cross fibre bonded synthetic material and all seams have been double stitched for additional strength. Using a combination of foams gives the bag a more authentic feel when punched.

The heavy gauge metal frame keeps the pad located in place and comes with hex head bolts to fix to the wall
We recommend that all Carbon Claw wall fixing products are securely fitted into brick work, as breeze block and plaster board constructed walls will not sustain a strong fixing of the product and the product may work loose or even come away from the wall.

Dimensions – Height x 68cms Width x 52cms Weight inc frame 15kgs