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Carbon Claw 30”Punchbag Commercial Bracket – 6 point fixing

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The Heavy Duty Commercial Punchbag bracket extends over 30” from the wall and can be folded down when not in use with the simple removal of a nut and bolt.
To ensure the lateral swing and momentum is reduced in the main frame there are 3 wall brackets welded along with 6 holes to ensure the bracket has a good sturdy fixing to the wall. Also supplied are 6 Hex Head bolts that allows a ring spanner to supply the extra force to screw the bolts into the wall rather than some slotted head screws that will chew up under pressure when applied with a screw driver.

The bracket is finished in a hardened black texture powder coat finish and comes with instructions and fittings.

Suggested maximum punchbag weight 45kgs.
Please be advised that when punchbags are used off a wall bracket the punchbags may with excessive swing and movement make contact with the wall.

If your Punchbag is hitting the wall too often please ensure the wall does not have an abrasive or rough exterior to it as this will damage your punchbag over a period of time.

We recommend that all Carbon Claw wall fixing products are securely fitted into brick work, as breeze block and plaster board constructed walls will not sustain a strong fixing of the product and the product may work lose or even come away from the wall sustaining possible injury.