About Us

RingWalk UK Timeline

May 2019 

RingWalk UK was created with the purpose of selling boxing gloves and boxing equipment to customers in the UK. We collaborated with RingWalkFridayFeeling on Twitter to help grow both companies and worked side by side to help as many boxers as possible. Our relationship is still very strong and it's getting stronger by the day. So if you have a Twitter account please check them out and give the a follow (Boxing with positive vibes) Helping out the boxing community. 

December 2019 

RingWalk UK expanded it's brands range bringing on board top brands like Rival, RDX, Adidas, Carbon Claw and more.

May 2020

RingWalk UK sponsored our first two fighters Rhys McCole (Amateur Boxer) and Francy Luzoho (Professional boxer)

June 2020 

RingWalk UK linked up with Egyptian Collections to provide more amateur and professional boxers with our very own sponsorship program. 

July 2020

RingWalk UK & Egyptian Collections created our first joint T-shirt for our customers and sponsored fighters to wear.

August 2020 

RingWalk UK & Egyptian collections started to create Team Wear t-shirts for our professional boxers to wear on fight week and to walk to ring showing off all their sponsors. 

November 2020

RingWalk UK & Egyptian Collections officially joined forces as a full collaboration and decided to close the website down for maintenance and restructure our business plan while business had slowed down because of covid-19

November 2020 - July 2021

During this period we still worked behind on the scenes helping our sponsored boxers and creating new business links while still working to develop a better way to meet our customers needs and help boxers across the uk.

April 2021

RingWalk UK launched our brand new media outlet RingWalk UK Media, We interview professional boxers, coaches, ring announcers, managers, promoters and staff and share our interviews on our YouTube Channel (RingWalk UK Media) or article right here on our website. The idea of a media platform came from Team RingWalk UK & Team RingWalk Friday Feeling and we continue to work side by side promoting the platform. Shaun Rye was our first writer and interviewer and he's quickly moved up the ranks to become Head of Media you can find all of Shaun's work on his Twitter and instagram page. 

July 2021

RingWalk UK officially launched our new website and started trading again with some fresh new brands and our own clothing range for men and women. 

October 2021

We are currently working on developing a team wear program available to any customer across the world so if you're a boxer and you would like one of our very high premium quality t-shirts with your sponsors logos on please contact us at ringwalkboxingshop@gmail.com or check out our custom section on the website. We have also started a merchandise program for professional boxers. For a small one off fee we will work with you to create a merchandise t-shirt for your supporters. We do all the hard work (processing orders, delivering parcels, designing, creating, advertising) while you can still train in the gym hassle free and earn money from your t-shirt sales.


At RingWalk UK our whole team takes pride in trying to improve customer relationships and support boxers at every level. We don't always publicise the work we do in the community or across the boxing community but were always looking for ways to help. We don't just believe in profits we believe in supporting people in need through programs we have set up. Our dream is become one of the top boxing stores, boxing media outlets and boxing management companies in the UK where we can support & advise boxers at every level throughout their career's.